Arcade games in Brig

Over 20 arcade games in your video game and arcade center in Brig, from classics to must-haves.

Discover a multitude of traditional games such as table soccer, pinball machines, air field hockey and motorcycle simulators, and much more. Let yourself be carried away by the excitement of traditional pinball machines and immerse yourself in a retro atmosphere full of challenge and fun.

Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just looking for some family fun, our center offers a variety of games to suit all tastes. Come and enjoy these exciting and nostalgic moments in the heart of our arcade. Adventure awaits!

Prices and information

  • Starting at CHF 2.-

  • No online booking.

At our entertainment center in Brig, you'll find a wide range of video games and simulators

  • All our games are coin-operated.

  • A coin dispenser is located at the entrance to the bowling floor.

  • A choice of over 25 games.

  • Table soccer, pinball and darts.

  • Car/motorcycle and basketball simulation games.

The video games area offers plenty of arcade options to let off steam.


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Arcade games pinball table soccer Rennaz Villeneuve

Arcade games

Starting at 2.-

Discover traditional games for fun with friends, and may the best player win!

Bowling lanes Rennaz Villeneuve


Starting at CHF 9.-

With 20 bowling lanes for all ages, including barriers and ramps for children, we're the ideal place to have fun with family and friends.

Billiard rooms Rennaz Villeneuve


À partir de 8.-

Jouez au billard ans une atmosphère conviviale et détendue, vous pourrez défier vos amis, votre famille ou d'autres passionnés.

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