The best theme parks in Switzerland

Find out all about our activities for kids and families, from bowling, virtual reality, karaoke, billiards and laser games to our group outings, as well as our restaurants in the cantons of Vaud, Fribourg and Valais.

🏆 Awarded "Europe's Best Entertainment Center" Indoor category FEC - The Park World Excellence Award 2022

Group bowling Vevey Rennaz Villeneuve Karaoke lounge Vaud Caving activity for kids Rennaz Vaud Climbing walls for kids Rennaz Vaud Arcade games Vaud Climbing walls for children Rennaz Vaud Bachelor party Vaud EVG

All our indoor amusement parks in Switzerland

Cocktail bar Rennaz Villeneuve

Route des Deux-Chênes 11, 1847 Rennaz

Billiard room Bulle Fribourg

Route de la Pâla 126, 1630 Bulle

Bowling shoes Brig Valais

Kantonstrasse 408, 3900 Gamsen

Kids birthday party Rennaz Vaud

Route des Deux-Chênes 11, 1847 Rennaz

our theme parks

Choose your amusement center for outings with family, friends or groups

Discover our indoor activities and restaurants, open all year round, for a day out with family or friends. Organize your bachelor / bachelorette party, group outing or company outing.

Leisure Center Vaud Fun Planet

FunPlanet Rennaz

Bowling, Virtual Reality, Karaoke, Fun Rodeo, Billiards, Connected Darts, Shuffle Board and Arcade Games, as well as two restaurants and bars, all await you in Rennaz, Villeneuve, at 15 minutes from Vevey and 45 minutes from Lausanne, in the canton of Vaud.

Kids leisure center Vaud

FunPlanet Kids

Switzerland's largest family theme park with over 4500m2. Over 40 games and activities for children and parents alike, newly opened in 2022, in Rennaz, Vaud. Voted Europe's best indoor family park in 2022!

Center de loisirs Bulle

FunPlanet Bulle

Bowling, Laser Games, Virtual Reality, Mini-Golf, Billiards, Darts, a bar and snack area, in the heart of Gruyère! The Bulle leisure center offers 5,000m2 of activities for groups, friends or company outings in Switzerland, in the canton of Fribourg.

Center de loisirs BRig

FunPlanet Brig

Bowling, billiards and arcade games, plus a bar and snack area, in the heart of the Valais! The Brig Leisure Center offers 5,000m2 of activities for friends, groups and company outings in the Swiss canton of Valais.

our entertainment ACTIVITies in switzerland

Whether you fancy bowling or karaoke, you'll find dozens of leisure activities at our various theme parks in Switzerland.

Discover our indoor activities and restaurants, open all year round, for a day out with family or friends. Organize your group or company outing. From bowling to laser games, mini-golf and dozens of other activities for children and families, FunPlanet is an indoor amusement center offering entertaining experiences and modern, fully renovated activities to suit all tastes!

Activities bowling laser game karaoke Rennaz Vaud
Bowling lanes Rennaz Villeneuve


20 bowling lanes with dedicated bar and service.

Shoe rental included.

Accessible to children thanks to barriers and lightweight balls.

Laser game Bulle Fribourg

Laser Games

Get ready to challenge your friends in a dark and confusing world, where adrenalin flows like water.

Virtual reality games Rennaz Villeneuve

Virtual Reality

Discover an unforgettable virtual reality experience!

4 missions available.

Collaborative team adventures.

Karaoke lounge Rennaz Villeneuve


Inspired by traditional karaoke, with 4 themed rooms available for private booking.

An impressive catalog of over 55,000 songs!

Cocktail and aperitif menus for your events.

Mechanical bull Rennaz Villeneuve

Fun Rodeo

Embark on an unforgettable rodeo experience!

How long will you stay in the saddle?

Challenge your friends and colleagues!

Mini golf for kids Rennaz Villeneuve


Fluorescent colors, light effects and breathtaking details create a magical atmosphere that will leave you with unforgettable memories!

Billiard rooms Rennaz Villeneuve


An unrivalled experience with no fewer than 13 pool tables.

Rates include all playing equipment.

Climbing and climbing walls Rennaz Villeneuve

Fun Climb

Our 16 climbing walls, suitable for both children and adults, promise an exceptional vertical adventure!

Kids caving adventure Rennaz Vaud

Magic Cave

A thrilling experience that promises unforgettable moments for young adventurers!

Kids mini golf Rennaz Villeneuve

Goolfy Mini-Golf

Fluorescent colors and meticulously hand-graffitied scenery take you on a journey through a mystical jungle.

Arcade games pinball table soccer Rennaz Villeneuve

Arcade Games

Discover a host of classic and must-have games such as Mario Kart Arcade GP, Sonic Basketball, Guitar Hero Arcade, and much more.

our news

Discover the latest news from your FunPlanet amusement parks

Climbing walls for children Vaud

February 2024 Vacation Hours at FunPlanet Kids

Open every day from Monday, February 12th, to Sunday, February 25th, 2024.

New Year restaurant reservations

Events calendar February 2024

In February at FunPlanet: unlimited bowling, DJ set on weekends. Events not to be missed!

Opening hours

The schedule for February/March 2024 holidays.

Du vendredi 23 février au 11 mars 2024

Ouvert tous les jours !

Opening time

February 2024 Vacation Hours

From Saturday, February 10th, to Sunday, February 18th, 2024.

Open every day!


February 2024 Vacation Schedule

From Monday, February 12, to Sunday, February 25, 2024

Open every day!

Bowling alley Rennaz Villeneuve

FunPlanet and Magic Pass

Come and accumulate 'Magics' by playing bowling at FunPlanet !

birthday LOCATIONS

Organize a birthday party for kids or adults at FunPlanet

Discover our indoor activities and restaurants, open all year round, for a day out with family or friends. Organize an all-inclusive birthday party for adults or a group of children, with cake, snacks, drinks, decorations and activities in a private room.

Kids birthday party all inclusive Rennaz Vaud Karaoke outing Vaud Team virtual reality Rennaz Vaud
Birthday ideas for adults

Adult Birthday Party

An unforgettable birthday party for adults! With activities, decoration packages, drinks, snacks and even a restaurant and bar, create your own customized birthday party at one of our amusement parks in Switzerland.

Birthday ideas for kids

Kids Birthday Party

An incredible birthday party for your children in Switzerland! A challenge, an Olympiad, tons of activities and even an enchanted universe await you at our children's leisure centers.

your company outings

Organize your company's Team-Building day or seminar by reserving parts of the center for private use.

Discover our indoor activities and restaurants, open all year round, for a day out with family or friends. Organize your own group or company outing, or rent out the premises to your colleagues.

Team-building activities Billiard center
Conference room rental Vaud


Are you looking for an original, exclusive corporate event venue? Your private meeting rooms, team-building activities and customized catering solutions are available.

Team outings Vaud Valais

Team Outings

Looking for an original team-building outing for your colleagues? Team-building activities, fun and tailor-made challenges with catering and drinks à la carte.

Discover the wonderful world of FunPlanet Kids

From 3 to 12 years old, the whole family can enjoy 4,500m2 of Switzerland's largest theme park for Kids! Discover over 50 family activities in Rennaz (Vaud), for all ages, from climbing to caving, in a marvelous universe.

🏆 Awarded "Europe's Best Entertainment Center" Indoor category FEC - The Park World Excellence Award 2022

Climbing wall children Rennaz Vaud Climbing walls children Rennaz Vaud Games for adults and children Rennaz Vaud Kids birthday party all inclusive Rennaz Vaud Kids digital experience activities Rennaz Vaud Bumper car for kids Rennaz Vaud Kids merry-go-round Rennaz Vaud
our restaurants

Discover the Gourmet restaurant, Teppanyaki Grill and bar

Discover our restaurants, Gourmet Restaurant and Teppanyaki Grill and Terrace Bar in Rennaz. Our restaurants are open all year round. Book for lunch, dinner or a gourmet break during your activities, with family, friends or even colleagues.

Restaurant Rennaz Villeneuve Restaurant Rennaz Villeneuve Gourmet restaurant Rennaz Villeneuve Restaurant Rennaz Villeneuve Restaurant Rennaz Villeneuve Restaurant Rennaz Villeneuve Restaurant Rennaz Villeneuve Restaurant Rennaz Villeneuve
Teppanyaki Grill Restaurant Rennaz Villeneuve
Rennaz Kids Rennaz

Teppanyaki Grill Style

Inspired by the "teppanyaki" concept, you prepare your skewers of meat, fish or vegetables directly on the plancha placed in the center of your table.

Restaurant Grill teppanyaki Rennaz Villeneuve
Rennaz Kids Rennaz

Gourmet Restaurant

From burgers and pizzas to tartars and poke bowls, all our classics are homemade with the Chef's creative touch.

Gourmet bar Rennaz Villeneuve
Rennaz Kids Rennaz

Gourmet Bar

The place to be for a drink with friends in a magical atmosphere around the majestic illuminated bar.

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Bowling shoes Brig Valais