Company outings: privatization of FunPlanet Kids

Book your company Christmas tree now for an unforgettable Christmas party with your employees and their families. We'll take care of everything!

The only one of its kind in Switzerland, FunPlanet Kids offers 4,500m2 of children's activities for companies and their families. One of the best event venues for children is available (outside public hours) to become a private event venue, with all inclusive services, entertainment and catering.

Your benefits
  • Company party for employees' families

  • Unlimited access to over 40 games and attractions

  • Large capacity of up to 1,000 people

  • Entertainment and gifts on request

  • 300 free parking spaces

  • Catering and personalization on request

Are you looking for a venue to host a company Christmas with your employees' families?

From 200 to 1,000 people In November and December

FunPlanet Kids is an original event venue in the Swiss canton of Vaud, offering a tailor-made solution for companies looking to hold a family Christmas party!

Included in the package
Privatization of FunPlanet Kids
+ Unlimited access to all attractions
+ santa claus
  • 3-hour all-inclusive celebration at FunPlanet Kids

  • Unlimited access to the park's 40+ activities and attractions

  • Free parking for 300 cars

  • Customization available as an option

Available options

  • Christmas snack (including chocolate fountain and drinks)

  • Christmas entertainment (magician, face painting, storyteller)

  • Choice of gifts by age group from our partnerKing Jouet

  • Gift with child's name delivered wrapped, on site, on D-Day

  • Privatization of FunPlanet Rennaz: Bowling, Arcade games,

  • Karaoke, Mechanical Rodeo, Billiards, Darts, Shuffleboard

  • Photographer and souvenir photos

  • Gift cards and FunCard

Personnalisation sur-mesure en option
  • Gifts for children delivered wrapped and named after each child

  • Christmas buffet for families and staff

  • Aperitif and bubbles

  • Entertainment: magician, make-up artist, storyteller

  • Photographer and printed souvenir photos

  • Access to FunPlanet Rennaz floor activities (bowling, karaoke, rodeo, etc.)

Discover all the activities for children and families at FunPlanet Kids Rennaz

Kids caving adventure Rennaz Vaud

Magic Cave

Included in ticket

A thrilling experience that promises unforgettable moments for young adventurers!

Climbing and climbing walls Rennaz Villeneuve

Fun Climb

Optional attraction: 8.-

Our 16 climbing walls, suitable for both children and adults, promise an exceptional vertical adventure!

Kids mini golf Rennaz Villeneuve

Goolfy Mini Golf

Included in ticket

Fluorescent colors and meticulously hand-graffitied scenery will take you on a journey through a mystical jungle.

Bumper cars for children Rennaz Villeneuve

Magic cars

Inclus dans le billet

L'attraction des auto-tamponneuses est l'endroit idéal où parents et enfants peuvent s'amuser sans limite !

Kids music studio Rennaz Villeneuve

Music Studio

Included in ticket

A magical place where creativity and music come together to inspire young would-be artists!

Caroussel Kids rides Rennaz Villeneuve

Jules Verne Carousel

Included in ticket

This unique carousel invites you to embark on sensational and unforgettable rides!

Acrobatic course for children Rennaz Vaud

Accro Fun

Included in ticket

Accro Fun, an activity specially designed for young adventurers!

Kids theme park Rennaz Villeneuve

Inflatable Parcours

Included in ticket

An imposing structure that promises hours of unforgettable family fun!

Kids activities Vaud Switzerland

Digital Experience

Included in ticket

Discover the interactive dome where children can discover 3D animations and immortalize your outing at the photobooth.

Kids music studio Rennaz Villeneuve

Play net

Included in ticket

Get ready to leap, bounce and swing among animal-shaped friends.

Kids theme park Rennaz Villeneuve

Jungle Park

Included in ticket

Jungle Park is fun for the whole family, and parents are welcome to join in the fun! It's the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together.

Kids theme park Switzerland

Fun City

Included in ticket

Discover the fascinating world of Fun City, the FunPlanet Kids mini-city! It's a place where dreams come to life and exploration is encouraged.

Kids drawing workshop Rennaz Vaud

Interactive Drawing Workshop

Included in ticket

A unique experience that lets children bring their artistic creations to life!

Playground 0-3 years Rennaz Villeneuve

Mini Kids (-3 years)

Included in ticket

An area specially designed for toddlers, where fun and learning go hand in hand!


Discover the FunPlanet Kids world in pictures

An original and entertaining idea for company parties and school trips?

Located in Rennaz, Vaud, 15 minutes from Montreux and 45 minutes from Lausanne, FunPlanet Kids is an amusement park for children. We now offer privatization of our amusement park for your corporate and school events.

Why choose FunPlanet Kids Rennaz for your corporate events? Quite simply because we offer a unique combination of activities for children. By booking our park, you can offer your employees' families an unforgettable day out, with interactive attractions designed to appeal to young and old alike.

FunPlanet Kids Rennaz is also an ideal option for school outings. By privatizing our park, you enable your students to run, climb, explore, test, draw, create and produce music, digital experiences and more, in a dedicated 4,500m2 setting.


Our ideas for company and family outings at FunPlanet Kids Rennaz

How to organize unforgettable family time?

Discover FunPlanet Kids, a wonderful world where children and parents can really play together as a family, with activities never seen before in Switzerland. Real family time for all!

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