How to organize a Team-Building evening in Switzerland?

Finding ways to build and maintain a strong team is essential in any organization. Here are our ideas for a successful team-building event in Switzerland.

Key points
  • The right Team-Building venue

  • The right Team-Building activities

  • The right challenges

  • The right cuisine

  • Professional help

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1. Choose the ideal venue

Switzerland offers a variety of beautiful locations for team-building activities, from tranquil lakes to majestic mountains. You can plan a hike through the Alps and Jura mountain range to help your team feel more connected to nature and to themselves. Or organize a picnic near Lake Geneva to encourage your team members to relax and mingle naturally.

2. Plan Team-Building Activities

There are a multitude of team-building activities available in Switzerland. For example, you could consider an escape game. These interactive games require strong team spirit to solve riddles and puzzles in the allotted time. For the more adventurous, why not organize an orienteering race or rally?

If you're looking for a calmer activity, a local wine or cheese tasting could be an excellent idea. Involving emotions, creating memories and sharing experiences are all factors that enhance team cohesion.

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3. Organize an adapted challenge with "drawers"

When organizing a competition during a team outing, to avoid bringing out tensions, challenges need to be adapted, small and multiple, to give everyone a chance to shine. That's why it's a good idea to choose a leisure center with a wide range of activities, such as FunPlanet, because there's something to suit all tastes and talents.

4. Call in the professionals

Organizing a team-building evening can be a complex and demanding task. The best thing to do is to ask the team managing the team-building activity or activities. The FunPlanet team, for example, is used to team evenings and can really adapt the challenge, rhythm and activities to suit the atmosphere and your team, based on their experience. There are also a number of professional agencies in Switzerland specializing in organizing team-building events. They can advise you and help you plan every detail to create a memorable event.

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5. Don't forget the gastronomic side

Switzerland is renowned for its gastronomy. Take this opportunity to introduce your team to the diversity of local dishes. Alternatively, you can schedule a culinary workshop. This is an excellent opportunity to strengthen team spirit while having fun. In all cases, choose a venue for a team-building evening with a catering service, so that everyone can get together and talk things over, because a good meal will always bring people together.

FunPlanet Rennaz's three restaurants and bars, for example, offer a choice of Grill (convivial) or Gourmet (more chic), as well as a bar and real cocktails for those who prefer a more peaceful setting. To each his own rhythm and desires... in the same place, don't forget!

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In conclusion, organizing a team-building evening in Switzerland is an excellent idea for strengthening your team's cohesion. With the right activities, the right venue and the right organization, you're sure to create a memorable event for your team. Don't hesitate to call in the professionals to help you with this task and ensure the success of your evening.

If you're looking for ideas for team-building activities in French-speaking Switzerland, the FunPlanet teams are full of ideas! Tailor-made challenges, decorations and entertainment, for real moments of relaxation and team-building. Come in the evening or during the day, no two corporate outings are alike at FunPlanet.

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How to organize a team-building evening in Switzerland?

Finding ways to build and maintain a strong team is essential in any organization. Here are our ideas for a successful team-building event in Switzerland.

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