The FunCard: the rechargeable gift card

Give the gift of a rechargeable card worth CHF 20 to 300, to be used at the FunPlanet Rennaz entertainment center, for over 50 games and activities such as bowling, virtual reality, etc. Valid only at FunPlanet Rennaz. Not valid for FunPlanet Kids.

A card that can be reloaded in the FunPlanet Rennaz center and soon online (2024), to enjoy the whole Rennaz theme park, without constraints! Your reloads are reusable over time, and FunPlanet gives you an extra 10% bonus for each load.

A prepaid card to give as a gift or to recharge*

Enjoy over 50 games and activities with friends and family! Not valid at FunPlanet Kids.

The benefits
  • Valid for all activities and catering at FunPlanet Rennaz (and soon at all FunPlanet centers in Switzerland)

  • No need to pay for each activity - enjoy a stress-free experience!

  • Your credits are valid over time, and you collect 10% extra bonus each time you reload them.

  • Bonuses are valid on all FunPlanet Rennaz games and activities (except F&B and FunPlanet Kids).

*Not valid at FunPlanet Kids

Offer a FunPlanet gift card

  • Order online and choose the amount of your reloadable gift card

  • Download your A4 gift card or pick it up in Rennaz with a gift pouch

  • Offer your gift in the personalized pouch

from CHF 20.- to CHF 300.-

Recharge your FunCard (available online soon 2024)

This option is currently only available at the FunPlanet Rennaz cash desks. You will soon be able to view and recharge your FunCard online, on this same page.


Discover the FunPlanet Rennaz amusement center in pictures

Looking for an

original gift card in Switzerland?

FunPlanet's FunCard is the perfect gift idea for a family in Switzerland. From CHF 20 to CHF 300, you can offer the whole family hours of fun at our indoor amusement parks in Switzerland, with over 50 activities to choose from! This gift card can be used by all family members, with no time limit, and allows them to enjoy an unforgettable experience together, young and old alike.

In short, a truly different family gift idea!


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